Saturday, April 7, 2012

Masters Nationals and the comeback

So, come feb 6th I was allowed to start my comeback from the stress reaction in the hip
Yep, i was allowed 4min walk, one minute jog x 4
and every alternate day add a little bit- like 1 minute- we allknow how frsutrating the  comeback is..
Anyway managed NOT to go crazy and Xtrained my butt offlike you wouldnt believe. Managed to not put weight on which is quite incredible
My sports doc did say i could have a crack at states and Nationals as long as I was prepared to run crap!
Timewise. I sure did, but i still ran seasons best
As luck would have it...nearing 40 and starting back with speed the tendons in my feet are nt happy... sore arch before states,, knew it wasnt great,
raced the 400m ran 70.9 which was a seasons best and a gold medal(no one in my age group)
The backed up the next day for the 800m. Jeepers creeps, hadnt done any consecutive days... legs tired from the day before. Ran a 2.50.8 which again was a SB so VERY happy
goes to show that cross training will maintain your fitness.... yes your running wont move forward much but by working hard, i didnt lose my fitness
Arch hurt a lot in the last 100m............knew i had done something

could barely walk the next day.. tried to train on Tuesday and had to pull up short... Worried as Nationals only a week and a half away. No RUNNING at all til then. So MORE MORE MORE cross trainng(gee im a bit sik of training sol, but will do what i need to do)
Get to Nationals-finally stopped limping but still EXTREMELY sore.
Physio told me i could run(and he said he thought i wouldnt listen if he said no) and he taped it the day before.
So try to warm up- arch with the torn tendon(minor-have i mentioned that yet) is not playing nice..grit teeth, its only for a while but disappointing that it hurts so much.... know that i probably shouldnt run but we all know im going to
Nervous as hell-also racing against a lady at my club who has NEVER beaten me and i really dont want to be beaten
Ran a very good strategic yet painful race... arch hurt A LOT-3rd most painful race ever. There was agirl in 4ht(me in 3rd) she passed me at 400, i tried to hang onto to her which was difficult as running fitness is low, know that if i hang in til the 700 i can outsprint most people... struggle struggle shes 1m ahead going into the straight...comeon jojo, cmon... KICK she also kicks, kick again get past her,pretty sure she's gone..but know she may not be--last 50m is the hardest 50 ever! get there and take bronze..woohoo
Cant walk well today-super sore, have made hte decision to not race sounds like an easy decision but it is NOT..i still want to race, i love to race..and pretty devatstated but dont want to miss the whole XCR season.
yes that is me making a wise decision- last timei didnt make this decision and ended up on cructhes...
so i salvaged something from the season. It was a tough season... I have had a tough run really............ lets go for 2 years injury free thanks

Thursday, January 26, 2012

...... well i am surviving

No running at all is not much fun i have to say..
i find it interesting that diff docs all recommend diff things

For example another lady at my club has hte same stressie as me(and i suspect hers was a tad worse) yet she is allowed to water run (I am not, and both docs havent let met me either) but we are both alowed on the bike.
Karen also let me use the elliptical but this doc has not, nor am I supposedly walking apart from incidental walking.....
Now given Karen let me use the elliptical, I am contemplating giving it a go... and I am walking tessa for 20mins a day. I was trying to ride with her, but really it was just too time she saw stu and even my brakes werent stopping her! strong little staffy..
Have been swimming every second day with the pool buoy-i even did 75 mins last sunday since it was 'long run day' but out of the pool for a few days as i had a mole removed from the back of my leg(and its left a hole about the size of a 5cent piece-quite literally!

trying desperately to not put on weight but i have put on 1/2 -1kg but noting that could be my normal fluctauation..
every second dya is rep day on the bike... stu keeps making me do 6 x 3mins but ive been getting quite bored with that so today was

3min(1.5) 2.5min(1.25) 2min (1) 1.5min (.75) 1min(.5) .5min(.25) and straight into the second set- which is difficult to go straight from 15s recovery to 3 min.
I find this session VERY hard but also much more interesting.... and man the sweat drips OR RUNS...

HAHA- back to work next week. Had a good holiday albeit not quite the energetic/running holiday I was expecting

Am very lucky to have a job I like, a bf i like(and whose kids i like), friends I like, a house I like but unfortunately a body that refuses to let me have evrything I want! lol... i consider myself a supremely lucky person

Thursday, January 5, 2012

deja frickin view

so it may seem like i only post if something has gone wrong.
However for my own purposes its improtant cos when crap happens i like to read the last time it happened and how I dealt with it.

about 8-10 weeks ago, i had a really acute pain in the arch. went to not my normal physio(couldnt get in) who diagnosed plantatr fasciitis, so i kept running. in fact i know when i it started to be a problemy hip. went up a REALLY massive hill at the you-ies and because i couldnt put any pressure on the left side, all the pressure was on the right and that mustve tipped me over the edge because it has been sore EVER since. turns out i had torn a tendon in my arch so shouldnt have been running... anyway sore hip flexor and other ever since.
NBever suspected a stress reaaction really..
at falls over new years, only ran twice but lots of walking... knew something was up so i asked for a scan.
all done dusted and back to physio within a day. YEP stress reaction, but definitely caught it a lot still able to walk..
trying to work out whether to use my crutches or not.
I think i will use one up until i see hte sports doc... cant see my normal dic as I cant get in til february...ummm thats a little far away really///

anyway will update when i can!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

getting there..

well i am heading on the right track anyway...
have had 8 weeks of consistent training at least...
raced poorly at sandown 29.0 for the 6.2km(and i did walk) :( cos im slack but it was an average of 4.40per km so thats not too bad(a minute and half slower than last year but hey... i gotta stop thinking like that
anyway have been quite pleased with my training. hip is getting less sore after rep sessions-
last week i ran 20km over 2 days on the weekend(a big weekend for me) and the you yangs have reopened woohoo! on the sat i did 10km with 3km tempo under hte 5min mark..found the run tough but i survived... tuesday session was at altona and i ran 5x800m reps. 3 were teh bi hill and 3 had the last 150 downhill instead f uphill. Extremely consisstent-all under 4:30/km pace and was only last on the first rep(2 of the others went out a bit fast)
thursday i trained at the tan. did 250 cruise 250 effort, 300 cruise then 3 min effort over anderson then 80s jog(didnt see the maerker) then 250effort then 30s break then 500effort then 400 easy then 250 effort 250 cruise 250 effort. plus 20min cool down/warm up
the lap was done in 19.16 which wasnt too bad
then thurs night i started doing the 40 hr famin but on friday nogiht when i felt sick i decided to eat so i did have one meal over hte 40hr :( but i did need energy to work this morning(sat)
anyway one meal in 38 hours makes a run quite tough
ran at the Tan again with instructions of efforts up anderson and 2 laps. so first lap i did that-took about 20.16 and then i cruised 750 and did an effort over anderson(which was faster than thursday :) and then quick drink and hten decided to keep working a bit ..the lap ended up as 19.09..but given i cruised the first 750-800 thats not too bad :)
and hten home had lunch and now have a very upset tummy...
some more consistent training is te key...but i am definitely getting more used to anderson st which should help when i race rhe Tan mid september :)

oh yeah, how funny! i got lost on the way to the airport and ended up in keilor(twice) and then followed some airport sign and ended up on a very very dark road that ended up being a dead end -well there was an gated entry but not for plebs like me-i think it was operations roador something..and then there were 4 planes just on the side of the road-and my car nearly conked out and i was thinking...hmmm that wouldnt be good in this deserted area(it was a bit scary)...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

..a very good training

okay so let me preface that with ''''a very good training session for me for where i am at!)

last week i did this
" 3x400 in 90/92 and 66 for the 300 with 2min recov
4x200's with 1 min recov in 43,42,40,39
4x100s with 30s recov 18,18,18,17

this week same session
3x400 - in 90, 91, 90 2 min recoveries
1x300- 64.8 2.5 min recovery
4x200- 38.9, 39.4, 39.2, 37.1 1min recoveries (2min after the last one)
4x100- 17.4, 19, 18.6, 16.9 bit inconsistent in the 100s but worked too hard in hte 1st rep and felt a bit ill and lets face it 30s recovery is not huge! i can tell you

so pretty happy with that. felt like i was starting to get speed in the legs...the endurance still sucks a bit but well lets face it im training for the 4/800 this year anyway

back has pulled up a little tight and the hammies well they are letting me know that they worked but a massage shou;d get rid of all my niggles,
let me count these niggles
back, hip, shin spot, feet... lol i am one fit healthy chick right!!!! haha

have fun chikolletes :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SPIKES and TIGHTS............ and a race review

Yep newbie spikes and tights... more of that later.....
FIRST MENTION: fingers crossed to my potential stressie friend DT, fingers crossed it isnt, but if it is, lots of alcohol BUT when you do come back to running, you feel every gained kg!!! fingers crossed for friday xo

thursday we did 4x400(one of mine was 300) in 90/92 and 66 for the 300's with 2min recov
4x200's with 1 min recov in 43,42,40,39
4x100s with 30s recov 18,18,18,17 was pretty happy with the session-hipe still pulling up sore
and then racing at brimbank this saturday
This was to be my first proper race of the season,
PLAN: to walk the big hill and try to go about 30 mins for hte race
well i did walk the big hill(and all the people who passed me i passed in the ensuing 500m), one of the girls from my club who in wanted to beat got about 100m/150 or more ahead of me over the hill and i kinda gave up on her and just focussed on legs in front of me and moved up a few people. Looked up and there was the girl from my club about 50m ahead... didnt have much happening in the legs so again just kinda thought...oh well she's too far ahead, so she beats me, so what
keep pluggin away and am only about 10m away and still thinking that i wont get her,(this took about3kms to get close) and was even with her at 1km to go(5kms in)
she alsked how far to go and i said 1km, which kinda depleted her..anyway i went past(and i hate to go past and then get overtaken by that person) so i grimaced and tried to work hard having no idea where she was.
ended up 7s ahead of her which was pleasing, 40s behind last year was also pretty pleasing as i was fiutter then(but i did have bleeding knees which enforced walking up hills too) nw its just my hip back and softness causing it.... llool
didnt get sub 30 :( ran 31.11 but overall happy and i was able to run the consecutive day on sunday which i havent been able to do after racing.

got a house evaluation on wed and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there had been about a 20% increase from when we bought the house 3 years ago :)

training tonight
-someone cracked it a bit AKA me, cos all stu's juniors doing fast stuff, so just stu, myself and luke running. Well i can tell you they are way too fast for me, it was windy and i DID not like running by myself the while way(and shortened recoveries) kept telling stu i should just run with this other pack who i knew i would sit with-him being him disagreed...anyway after 2 annoying reps and knowing the rest would not be pretty, (and desperately needing hte loo, went to the toilet(stu thought i cracked and he yelled something at me but ignored the poo-head(lol)..
as i came out saw the group i wanted to run woth so i just joined in with them and sat wide on lane 1, was VERY happy with training after that, ran with people and felt good
3.24(too fast) 95 recov,
3.26, 2.53 recov(incl loo break)
3:32 75s recov
3:31 68s recov
3:30, 1:51 recov(was waiting for the group but they didnt show so went by myself)
so overall a reasonable set, first time ive done 6 since the injury(yes still 10+ sec slower than i used to be but i will get there)

oh and bought very cute spikes-they weigh less than 100g man! how light

ph and i know i mentioned my foot problems... i put domes into my lunar racers and no sore fett-until after-woohoo
and i bought adidas compression tights which look like they have tape across them...umj wasnt sure at fiurst, but they are seriously AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
legs feel great after what i consider a tough session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and one more for you ewen !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

well it's a teensy bit cold today

and i didnt love training
the others did 21x200 in sets of 7 with a 150m shuffle. too much for me so i did 18 in sets of 3 with a shuffle and 2.5min between sets
last two weeks i felt like i was getting somehwere with my training. Ths session really didnt do anything except destroy any sort of confidence that may have been returning :(
seeing just how far behind everyone else i am(who i used to be able to keep up with) does little for one's spirits :( -feel like i suck at being a runner at the moment-and no need to try and perk me up,im just wallowing-6 months ago i woldve been rapt just to be back ont he track no matter the time... so time for this little pricess to suck it up
anyway its done now.. most of hte 200s were in about 47s with a couple at 45/44

it was super duper cold, hip only go a bit sore right at the end and for the first time in i couldnt tell you how long, my toes did not ache-maybe hte domes that i have had put in my shoe are starting todeal with some of the nerve compression..that'd be nice

went to ballarat (near ballarat)where stu's squad did super well in the state little A's race. A friend and i went for a run.... ummmmmm it was all FRIGGIN hills, one hill went for over a km!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of different terrains, heavy heavy, some paddocks etc- run was done in an average just over 6kms/h but it was tough work(and that included some small amounts of walking

satruday was a water run 40mins with 6x3min tempo efforts

and on holidays which is awesome .... tuckered out little gal